Slow and Steady


A little under the weather today.  I have a mountain of laundry, dirty kitchen, dirty bathrooms…Things that must be done.  I remembered Uncle Levi’s advice from one of my all-time favorite books, The Fields of Home by Ralph Moody:  “Slow and steady goes far in a day.”  Slow and steady.  Work a little, rest a little.  Little bit by little bit.


One Response to “Slow and Steady”

  1. margauxhf Says:

    “Work a little, rest a little”. Definitely a good idea.In the long run, I always feel I’m most productive when I take time to do things. If I start out working really hard I give up after a very short amount of time. Hope slow and steady worked for you, and that you got everything done! Also, the picture is very pretty.

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