Five Minutes at a Time


Recently I visited with an old friend, a busy young professional woman.  She told me that she had taken up quilting again, something she’d enjoyed years ago.  I said, “I would love to craft more than I do, but it’s so hard to find the time.”

She then reminded me:  “I just thought about what your mom always used to say.  Work on it five or ten minutes at a time, and it will get done eventually.”  Oh yes!  How is it that I so often forget this!  I often think that since I can’t sit down and craft for an hour, I can’t do it at all.  Silly me.  “Five minutes” is my new mantra!


7 Responses to “Five Minutes at a Time”

  1. Sabina Says:

    Great mantra!! It should be that simple.


  2. Mrs. Mordecai Says:

    That is so true! I recently took up quilting, and I like it because I can accomplish just a little at a time. Also, it never takes as long as I think it will!

  3. SueLovesCherries - My Secret Garden Says:

    I tell my kids that sometimes, in regards to cleaning their rooms. (Doesn’t work!)

  4. judy Says:

    Oh, such a good reminder!

    I needed that today.

  5. Carla Says:

    Money was very carefully budgeted in our house when I was growing up. My mother, who developed heart trouble when I was 3, cooked two meals a day (all from scratch – no convenience food), had a clothes washer but no dryer or dishwasher, ironed everything and made almost all the dresses for me, my sister and herself, and shirts for my dad and my brother. My aunt asked her one time how she did it, and she answered that even if it took a whole week for her to sew a garment, she could still sew 52 in one year.

    You’re right. Slow but steady gets the job done. The tortoise and the hare!

    P.S. My mother is now 94 years old.

  6. Suseela Says:

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