Victory Garden


We took the kids to a minor league baseball game last night with 100 people from church, and lots of my friends asked, “Where did you get all that sun?”  (Or as one diplomatically put it, “your California tan…”  Ha!  More like lobster boil!)  In spite of 2 days at the beach, my nice sunburn actually came from working in the garden yesterday!

I grew up with a garden, and although Billy and I have had a little one now and then, this is the first one we’ve really done together.  What fun.  Many of our fun family activities are all new to me, but it’s refreshing to have one that feels familiar.  I know a little about gardening.


I’ve noticed that many people are gardening this year who have never gardened before.  The economy is a big factor, I know.  Seeds are inexpensive.  Out of one package of lettuce seed, which I experimentally threw in the flower bed, I got a large quantity of delicous, fresh lettuce, grown free of herbicides and pesticides.  Did you know that often children will eat veggies they normally wouldn’t touch if they have watched with fascination as it grows?


I’m not a political person, and I don’t feel that I’m fighting any particular war with my garden.  I do love the graphics on old Victory Garden posters though.  And I know that many people are fighting want with a backyard garden.  As for me…I am growing a garden not only because it’s an inexpensive way to supplement our food source, but because I appreciate knowing where my children’s food comes from, and that it’s grown responsibly.  Not to mention, garden veggies are so much more delicious than those from the store.


2 Responses to “Victory Garden”

  1. SueLovesCherries - My Secret Garden Says:

    Good for you! I garden, too, but mostly flowers. This year I’m planning on growing a few more veggies than usual, though.

    By the way, how does that dear lady in the first pic garden in her Mary Janes? LOL!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I noticed the mary janes too. LOL Actually I have a pair for outside work, but they are mary-jane style hiking shoes. Much more sturdy and workable than her dainty little ones. 🙂

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