Study in Green


Here are a few garden pictures I took a several weeks ago.  I look forward to fresh tomatoes every year.  Nothing better.

Now if I can just figure out how to keep those nasty black beetles away naturally.  Anyone?


The green beans have grown and grown since this picture.  They are pole beans and we foolishly waited too long to provide any kind of trellis for them.  Perhaps if we get something for them to climb in the next few days they will be OK.  Because I love me some fresh green beans too.


We harvested our first yummy squash and wait impatiently for the bulk of the harvest.  No one loves squash more than my crew.  My 8 year old says she could eat it 3 times a day.  We won’t have any left over, I am sure.


The herbs are doing OK, but not as well as I’d like.  They are planted in potting soil whereas the other plants are in compost.  My 4 year old Sarah describes it this way:  “In our garden we have HORSE POOP!  And the HORSE POOP turned into DIRT!!!!!!”  Well, the horse poop that turned into dirt is definitely growing some very beautiful vegetables!


One Response to “Study in Green”

  1. Jen Says:

    We rotate our crops each year so we never plant tomatoes or other night shade veggies in the same place two years in a row, Beetle larvae are laid in griund where nightshade plants grow. If there are no nightshade veggies there the next year, less chance of them finding your plants:) Basically, make your beetles hunt for their food and you will have less beetles:)

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