Summer Fun Ideas Needed!

boy bike

School is out.  It’s sometimes too hot for outdoor activity.  What ideas do you give your kids when they complain that there is nothing to do?  It would be great if the ideas were things they can do at home without excessive adult supervision…We are doing lots of fun things together this summer, but I need some things they can do on their own too!


3 Responses to “Summer Fun Ideas Needed!”

  1. CM Says:

    ove the picture with this post. Big good super Water Guns!! Hours of fun!! Enjoyed your blog!

  2. thatmom Says:

    Give each one a milk jug full of water and some cups and send them to the yard. Replenish water as needed. Keeps them busy for hours. Also, give them paint brushes and tell them to water “paint” the house, the garage, the sidewalks, etc.

  3. LaTeaDah Says:

    Several summers of my childhood were spent in a city apartment while my dad was doing summer school for a graduate degree. For country kids, sis and I found this very confining — but we coped with the help of several very large appliance boxes. We each had one and made our own ‘space’ — cutting doors and windows, adding curtains, lamps, rugs, cushions, and more. Trips to the city library kept us in good books to read — and read we did, in our forts. It was great fun and we were able to do it indoors. Another thing we enjoyed was playing restaurant. Mom made a menu — since she knew what foods were on hand. We set up a cafe and then invited a friend or two over. Sis and I were the waitresses and took orders — gave them to mom (through a pass-through window in the kitchen) and she made small size servings of fruit salads, sandwiches, etc. Really fun, even to the clean up.

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