Cozy Pictures

cozy scene

My mom, who’s quite the romanic, always said of certain pictures, “They just make me wish I could jump inside!”  Maybe some Mary Poppins influence there?  We all wish we could be part of certain scenes, I think.  That’s probably one reason we enjoy art.  It’s a window into a world we inhabit in our imaginations.

Anyway, I felt just that way when I saw this cozy scene.  The rhythm of daily work is present, as well as quiet activities and creative pursuits.  Without romanticizing the past, it speaks of a slower and less crowded life than we lead today.  The sweet part is that it is possible to recreate elements of simple domestic pictures like this one.  Daily tasks must be done, I can make time to be creative, and I find that when I leave the TV off my children enjoy doing projects together much more.  Here’s to a peaceful day!


One Response to “Cozy Pictures”

  1. jAne Says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. What a lovely blog you have! :o)


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