Taking Meals: A Question For You!

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This week I’m taking a meal to a friend whose child had serious surgery.  I’m making my standard food to share…chicken spaghetti, with some kind of veggie, bread, and bar cookies.  Nearly everyone likes it, it’s not expensive, it can be made early in the day (parts of it even the day before), and it transports fairly easily.  What’s your favorite meal to share when you take food to someone else?


5 Responses to “Taking Meals: A Question For You!”

  1. jAne Says:

    What I prepare largely depends on the need..surgery/childbirth/bereavement/illness… Depending on the situation, the meal could be very simple or hearty.

    For colds I make chicken soup as I always have plenty of chicken stock in the fridge. I pop some frozen stock in a crockpot then prepare vegies (chop and saute), herbs and the actuall chicken meat, adding it to the then melted stock. Sometimes I’ll cook up a wee bit of rice and add that as well.

    Most of the time I rotisserie a whole chicken (or two depending on the family size) but there are times when a quick trip to the Costco ready-made section for a rotisserie chicken, if the need is more immediate and I don’t have a thawed chicken at the ready.

    To accompany the chicken I usually steam some new potatoes then saute them in olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs, adding steamed green beans to the mix or a leafy garden salad with plenty of fresh vegies. Simple buttermilk biscuits round out the main meal.

    For dessert I’ve included cuppie cakes or fresh fruit slices or cookies. I try to make extra cookie dough and freeze it in a log shape for quick cutting/baking.

  2. Chele Says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog! We actually do baked spaghetti, salad, bread and brownies. Easy enough for me! 🙂

  3. Leah Leach Says:

    I like to do soup or stew of some kind with bread or biscuits and cookies.

    One thing that someone did for me when I had a baby was give me a couple of uncooked meals that I could either fix right away or put in the freezer for a busy day. One was a breakfast casserole and one was a cajun lasagna. That was really helpful, especially since it was my first baby and I was totally overwhelmed.

  4. Mrs. Mordecai Says:

    I like to do soup and bread, because it’s something I’m good at. Lately with my pregnancy I”m changing my ideas a bit, though. I’m thinking a freezable casserole in a disposable aluminum pan. That way they can freeze it if they don’t want it right away, and they don’t have any dishes to return. I think I’m going to start trying to take frozen meals to people around here that they can use whenever they want.

  5. Jen Says:

    Meatloaf, mashed potatoes (or twice baked), savory green beans, fruit, chocolate brownies.

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