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Creamy Morning Energy Drink

August 26, 2009

milk poster

I’m a busy mama and alllllll about simple.  This is just a variation on a classic smoothie, but it has only 3  ingredients.  I have it every mid-morning and it keeps me going till lunch.

1/2 frozen banana, broken into chunks

1 c. whole raw milk

1 T carob powder

Blend in a blender till smooth.  It will be like thick, creamy chocolate milk, really more drinkable than a smoothie.

From the milk you get: protein, enzymes, and healthy fat

From the banana and carob powder you get: natural sugars, vitamins, and minerals (carob is high in calcium and banana is high in potassium).

It’s the perfect energy drink for a busy summer morning!

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The Heart of the Home

August 24, 2009

woman making waffles

No time for a thoughtful post today; I’ll let someone else do the writing.  My younger sister, best friend, homemaker extraordinairre, and health food afficiando, Leah, has written a great post on ways to keep yourself inspired in the kitchen. It’s encouraged me…Hope it encourages you too!

Pretty Fence

August 17, 2009

des allemandes fence

We took the kids fishing Saturday.  As it turned out, the available spot to fish was on a very narrow bank right by the road.  The older kids were fine in their lawn chairs, but little Grace kept pitching herself forward toward the water.  I knew it was just a matter of time before she and her stroller fell right in…So she and I spent most of the trip across the street in a cemetery parking lot.

From there we could see this cute little place.  The house was as cute as the yard, although I’m always hesitant to photograph other peoples’ houses.  I took pictures, strolled the baby, and drew a little in my nature journal.  It was hot…very hot…but it turned out to be a pretty good trip after all.

Where Do You Craft?

August 16, 2009

mother knitting

In the old days, women’s hands were always busy by necessity.  They did handwork while sitting by the fire at night, and when friends visited.  I’ve learned this by reading period literature and observing art from past eras.


That’s not to idealize the past.  It was hard.  They worked every moment because they had to.  If they allowed themselves to be idle, even for a little while, it might mean their families would be cold or hungry.

But idealizing aside, there was also a high value placed on work and the quality of industriousness.  Now industry is not so valued, and it’s not socially accepted to keep your hands busy while you do other things.

woman knitting boyfriend

I love to read Amanda’s posts about how she knits everywhere she goes (although her crafting prowess extends to many areas…knitting is so portable)…in the car, at ball games, picnics, and even the movie theater.  I can so identify.  It feels like such a waste of time to just sit and do nothing for hours on end at athletic practices and other activities.  My crafting time at home is very limited and it’s tempting to use hours spent away to indulge myself a bit.


Of course, one of the main reasons I go out to such gatherings is to get to know others and spend time with those I already know…So often, I spend that time visiting.  That’s not wasted time.  It just feels like I could multitask and bring some knitting or embroidery along as well.  I’ve tried it a few times, but I always get funny looks.  Everyone seems to be perfectly content to just do nothing…Well, except those who constantly text, do business on the phone, or do paperwork…That is accepted.  I’m not complaining about it, it’s just that those things are considered normal in our culture, while doing handwork is not.  So I’m shy about it.  I don’t want to make others uncomfortable or embarrass my kids!  (I have seen this happen when a mother refuses to join her family in a socially acceptable manner…I’m a nonconformist in many areas, but nonconformity is not a virtue in and of itself, certainly not a chief virtue.)

woman knitting rainy day

So what about you, crafting ladies?  Do you find it awkward to craft in public, or does it matter?  Am I alone in feeling conflicted?

(Adorable knitting images from here.)

Raw Whole Milk Is Satisfying

August 12, 2009

boys milking goat vintage

I wish I had something really scientific of profound to share today for Real Food Wednesday, but instead it’s more of a personal observation.  Last week we were unable to connect with the farmer who provides us with raw goat’s milk, so we ran out.  I could tell such a difference in how I felt, mainly in my food cravings and hunger.  Raw, whole milk keeps me going and going without feeling sleepy or lightheaded.  Add grass fed beef or real eggs and butter (unfortunately not pastured/grass fed for me…yet…) and I truck along for many hours.  During our milk-less week, I constantly craved sweets and carbs and felt hungry soon after eating.  Yesterday we got milk again and I am back to feeling satisfied after I eat.  The cravings are gone.

Growing up, we did drink raw milk, but our fear of fat caused us to invest in a (very expensive) cream separater so we could drink it skim.  I wonder if I could have avoided hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, and weight gain if I had consumed more whole milk, eggs, and healthy meat (all available in abundance) instead of the bread, pasta, desserts, and other high-carb foods that I ate most of the time.  Hmmmm…

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School Days

August 10, 2009

children playing school

I haven’t been posting as regularly as I hoped, because I’ve been trying to get ready for our new homeschool year.  As a homeschool student turned homeschool teacher, I find these preparations remarkably challenging.  I always anticipated that homeschooling would be easy, but I have fears and insecurities every time.  That said, our first day (today) has been a dream.  It’s the best first day of school we have ever had, and possibly the best day in the (short) history of our homeschool.

Someone asked me why.  I think it’s for a few reasons.  One, I created a fairly structured schedule, but much more realistic than last year.  (I loosely followed this format.) It allows for adequate rest, and some things are conspicuously absent–like exercise.  Should I be working out?  Yes indeed!  But sleep and education are more important THIS WEEK.  I hope to work an evening walk into my flex time, but I have not put it in the schedule when I only know that it probably won’t happen today.  Soon, but not quite yet.

Also, we test-drove our morning routine last week so that the children understand that I do indeed expect them to finish chores and music practice before desk time.

Finally, but most importantly, I know that I cannot do this on my own energy and strength of will, so I threw myself on God’s mercy and asked for His help.  He so graciously gives it!  As I read my Bible this morning before everyone else was up, I happened on this verse (which I didn’t remember was in the passage I had already felt compelled to read, Isaiah 40)

He will feed His flock like a shepherd;
He will gather the lambs with His arm,
And carry them in His bosom,
And gently lead those who are with young.

What a sweet promise to a weary mom, especially on a day like today!