Creamy Morning Energy Drink

milk poster

I’m a busy mama and alllllll about simple.  This is just a variation on a classic smoothie, but it has only 3  ingredients.  I have it every mid-morning and it keeps me going till lunch.

1/2 frozen banana, broken into chunks

1 c. whole raw milk

1 T carob powder

Blend in a blender till smooth.  It will be like thick, creamy chocolate milk, really more drinkable than a smoothie.

From the milk you get: protein, enzymes, and healthy fat

From the banana and carob powder you get: natural sugars, vitamins, and minerals (carob is high in calcium and banana is high in potassium).

It’s the perfect energy drink for a busy summer morning!

For more Read Food Wednesdays, go to Cheeseslave! (HMMMMM…her blog isn’t opening…I will have to link back later.)


One Response to “Creamy Morning Energy Drink”

  1. jAne Says:

    This recipe needs to be made – and soon. I do believe this would be the perfect fit for my daughter especially. She’s senior lifeguard who teaches swim and swims 1.5 miles a day in addition to running 3 miles a day (crazy) and as such always on the move and in need of quick and healthy meals/snacks. Thank you!

    On another note, oh boy do I have some catching up to do on your blog.

    On yet another note, may I please know where you find your blog pictures (the vintage ones). If they aren’t your own property, I’d love to use one on my blog from time to time.


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