The Old House



When we first moved here, we had to find a house to rent–quickly.  We spent a fruitless couple of days looking and swung by one last one on the way out of town.  People told us we wouldn’t want to live in that area, but we decided to check, just in case.  I walked in and said, “This is it.”


It was an almost-perfect 100 year old house.  We only lived there for 8 months, but those were happy days!  I loved loved loved that old house for as long as I got to use it.  French doors in the living room were just one of my favorite features.


And glass doorknobs.  *Swoon*


It had many rooms.  The breakfast nook became my cozy craft corner.


The random back room tacked onto the back of the house was our school room.




The kitchen had high, high old cabinets.



It was SO easy to decorate.  I felt so at home there.  That house was “me”.



The back yard had the most fruitfully amazing fig tree I have ever even imagined.  We feasted all summer on its bounty.  Sadly, it was cut down while we lived there.  But not till after fig season.


The yard also had banana trees.  Fascinating!



I thought I had pictures of the front of the house, but I can’t find them.  We lived next door to this dilapidated beauty, though.  It was torn down while we lived there.   *sigh*

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so thankful for the house we live in now, especially for the spacious yard and laundry room (both lacking in the old house).  But our lovely rental was what dreams are made of.


3 Responses to “The Old House”

  1. jAne Says:

    I can see ‘heart’ in that home. Beautiful. :o)

  2. Sheila Says:

    Hello there! I amso happy I found your blog on blogspot and your new one as well. I am passionately happy with my choice career of wife and mother and homemaker, and started a blog to try to join others who feel the same way. I have 3 blogs and don’t have much time to get to them, but would you mindn if I added your blog names to my list of homemaker blogs? Let me know please, and keep up the BEAUTIFUL job!

  3. Elisabeth Says:

    LOVE I`T

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