Save Natural Thyroid~A Public Service Announcement


This post veers from my usual vintage/homemaking/crafty/arty/cozy fare, but I’ve mentioned hypothyroidism before, so I’m going to throw this out there.  This post is also part of Real Food Wednesday (er…late to the party, I’m afraid) even though it’s not *technically* about real food.  It is about “real medication” or a medication from natural sources rather than a synthetic one.  Many people who are interested in Real Food are thyroid patients who are seeking to improve their health.

Here’s my original thyroid story. Lately I’ve made a fresh commitment to improve my health as much as possible, making my thyroid as healthy as I can.  Is it possible to get off of thyroid meds completely?  I don’t know.  We’ll see.  Right now it’s the bandaid that keeps me going, along with millions of other people.

There are basically 2 options for hypothyroid patients.  They can take a synthetic (chemical) thyroid medication, such as Synthroid, or a natural medication such as Armour (which comes from pig thyroid gland).  Having seen the results of both, I wouldn’t touch a synthetic thyroid medication with a 10 foot pole.  Why would I, when natural thyroid works for well and has no known side affects?

This week I learned from Dr. Mercola that the FDA has shut down some producers of natural thyroid and may be poised to shut down more.  Consequently there is a shortage of natural thyroid medications.  (My cynical self wonders who benefits from this.  Um…that would be….THE WEALTHY COMPANIES THAT MANUFACTURE SYNTHETIC THYROID MEDS! my cynical self says.)

If you take Armour or some other natural thyroid medication, here’s some info that might be helpful.

Join the “Save Natural Thyroid” Facebook group.

Here’s the “Save Natural Thyroid” coalition website.

Stop the Thyroid Madness has lots of great info.

Here’s an article from that site about options for treatment during the shortage.

If you’re concerned about making the most of the medication you do take, this article is helpful…15 Reasons Why Your TSH May be Fluctuating.

This article looks like a pretty good one on goitrogenic foods.

I’m just seeking good information on thyroid health and hope to pass a little bit on to others.  I’m learning all the time.  I just recently realized that I didn’t need to be eating a number of common foods like peanut butter and peaches.  Who knew?  Getting healthy can feel overwhelming at times, but it’s so so worth it.


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