girl autumn leaves

I’m joining Multitude Mondays, a “gratitude community” at Holy Experience.  The long and short of it: to journal what we’re grateful for.  I can personally attest to the power of thankfulness.  During one of the darkest times in my life, I kept a small notebook by my bed and forced myself to write 5 things I was thankful for at the end of each day.  It kept me focused on God’s goodness at a point when it would have been very easy to see only the pain.

It’s a sunshiney season of life, but even so, I’m beginning that habit again.

1. Crisp autumn weather.  In a climate that’s warm 9 months out of the year, I treasure every cool day that comes.

2. Vintage illustrations.  As anyone who reads here knows, I have a thing for illustrations from the 1920’s through the 1950’s.  Those images bring me so much joy!

3.  Baking.  It’s that time of year!

4.  Cleaning day.  I look forward to an orderly home by the time my sweet husband finishes his work.

5.  Children who love each other.  Sure, they fight sometimes.  But I can hear the voices of my older ones playing together right now, and this morning my heart overflowed when I saw my youngest run to give the oldest a good-morning hug.


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