Coming Up for Air

~::my home management binder, which is pretty to look at but doesn’t seem to be doing much for me these days!::~

Just popping in on this busy busy day, during a busy busy week.  I’m struggling to juggle my many responsibilities as a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, and friend.  Feeling pressured, pushed, hurried from morning till night.  I wonder…Is it just this season of life, or am I disorganized?  I don’t think I overcommit myself.  Blogging and blog reading are a guilty pleasure, done on the fly or in tiny snatches of time when I’m snuggling the littlest one or eating a snack.  I wonder how other people do it who seem so productive.  It’s hard for me to even find minutes to upload photos to send grandparents.  I dream of writing letters and doing extra “fun” school projects, but most days I feel happy to complete our basic curriculum.  Trying not to compare myself to others.

Normally I’m not so personal here, but I figured I’d throw out the reasons blogging is so sporadic–as if I owe anyone an explanation.  Don’t get my wrong, this isn’t a complaint.  I LOVE my life and wouldn’t change it.  Each responsibility is because of some great joy, like having a wonderful husband or each of my sweet children.  It would just be nice to have a few more hours in each day to do all that needs to be done, like cleaning or laundry! 🙂

So tell me…What are your favorite organizing tips?  How do you make the most of your hours?


4 Responses to “Coming Up for Air”

  1. susan t Says:

    First thing each morning start a load of laundry.

    Eliminate all the extras from your kitchen cupboards… most of us have more dishes(one set of dishware per person is enough), casseroles, plastics, utensils than we can use. Box them up and see whether you miss them; if not give them away– unless they are especially well-made/older versions, then store them somewhere else, for future use for yourself or children’s future households.

    Once you have more cupboard space, de-clutter your counters and/or store certain books, toys, art supplies, homeschool items there instead.

    Regularly eliminate excess stuffed toys and unused toys & games. The less you have, the faster it is to pick up/organize.

    Reduce everyone’s clothing: 4-5 play outfits and 1 dress up outfit per child is plenty, for adults maybe add 2 dress ups if you have the need. Less clothing, less storage, less laundry. Keep a bin in storage/basement for “ratty” clothes, one set per person, to use for messy work/painting.

    Keep track of books and homeschool materials as you buy them… develop a system, whether it is a handwritten notebook or a computer Excel spreadsheet… most important data is “where this item is shelved/stored”.

  2. jAne Says:

    Sometimes life has a way of happening and out the window go our best laid plans. :o) I know about that…


  3. Kristen@TheFrugalGirl Says:

    Boy, do I understand that feeling! No advice, just sympathy.

  4. Heart Reflections Live Says:

    I’m where you are, and can really relate! I’ve just finished (here in Australia) my 2nd year homeschooling our 2 girls, but this is the first year I’ve done it with 2 delightful mess making babies on the go.

    During term time I try to keep up with meals, dishes,laundry and vacuuming/ basic tidying. On school holidays I clean, and iron, iron iron!!! My ironing pile is embarrassing!

    I need a few homeschooling life tips myself. I guess as the children grow, they can share more responsiblity in the home, so that I can spend more time hanging out with them in the holidays instead of cleaning and ironing!


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